Railway freight carrier ČD Cargo has joined the export of Ukrainian agricultural products to the EU.

Train with corn

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to zdopravy.cz.

After delivering humanitarian aid and military equipment to Ukraine, the carrier, in cooperation with other partners, sent the first train with Ukrainian grains to the German port of Brake. From there, agricultural products will go by sea to Egypt.

The train transported about 1.8 thousand tons of corn, which was loaded into wagons at the Dobra station near Cierna nad Tisou.

Due to the blocking of Ukrainian ports in the Russian Federation, various options for transporting agricultural products from Ukraine to the EU by rail are being considered.

“Representatives of ČD Cargo are intensively negotiating with the Ukrainian side on various transport alternatives, considering options for such routes. Now we are talking mainly about shipments through Polish and German ports, or, conversely, southern routes through ports in the Adriatic Sea,” explained Tomasz Toth, Chairman of the Board of ČD Cargo.

It is noteworthy that the advantage of the ČD Cargo operator is that the company has a license to operate in all neighboring countries.

As previously reported, Lithuania will develop rail transportation of grain from Ukraine. Deutsche Bahn also helps to export Ukrainian grain. In addition, the EU and Canada said they would help Ukraine export grain.

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