Construction of a European gauge railway network (1435 mm) in Ukraine

In an interview with Interfax-Ukraine, Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Krykliy said that integration into European rail networks will allow Ukraine not only to have a Train of four capitals, but also to travel anywhere in Europe – even to Portugal, informs Railway Supply magazine citing NV Journal.

Строительство железнодорожной сети европейского формата
Vladyslav Kryklii (Picture MIU)

“I believe that the first kilometers of the European gauge should already begin to appear. So I hope we will start working on this project very actively next year. Only the feasibility study and design documentation for this project can take us approximately six months. We already have even an approximate understanding of what routes these are, ” Krikliy said.

According to the minister, Ukraine’s integration into the European railway should take place before 2025. Kharkiv, Lviv and Odessa are the cities where Euro-routes will be implemented in Ukraine.

Regarding the emergence of high-speed railways within the country minister noticed: “This is a different large project, where the main issue is the availability of funding. If the ministry manages to get funding, the project will be implemented.”


5th International Conference “Railways of Ukraine: Development & Investment”

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