6th International Conference “Railways of Ukraine: Development & Investment”

Railways of Ukraine: Development & Investment

  • Date: Apr 5, 2022
  • Venue: Premier Palace Hotel, 5-7/29 T. Shevchenka Blvd. / Pushkinska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Contacts: tel/fax: + 38 056 370 18 32, e-mail: info@ukrvantage.com

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«Ukrvantage.com» Information service invites you to take part in the discussion devoted, first of all, to available means of tailoring the railway market to changing political environment, and also to prospects for the development of railway transportation in Ukraine. The authoritative rail market insiders are meeting in the industrial forum – the VI International Conference “Railways of Ukraine: Development and Investment”, in order to review the current position and future steps. With a view to sustainable upturn of rail industry, the event reviews the latest solutions, analyzes market needs and outlines changes to come.

The audience of the conference mainly consists of public and private carriers, railway rolling stock operators, freight forwarders and logisticians, shippers, state regulatory authorities.

Participation terms


  • A driver of European integration: how the railway market will adapt to changing political environment
  • State policy in the field of railway transport: balance of investments and reforms
  • Legislative conditions for creating the open rail market: how long the “standby” mode is going to last
  • A regulator in the transport sector: the price of independence and decisions
  • Investment potential and priorities of the development of Ukrainian railways
  • Reforms at Ukrzaliznytsia: the benchmarks of the new state monopoly strategy


  • Organization of efficient wagon flows: transportation planning horizon and responsibility of the parties
  • Railway network at full capacity: organization of rail transportation and infrastructure throughput
  • Cargo issue: priorities in transportation process and safety of cargoes
  • Traffic scheduling – digitalization of freight logistics by Ukrzaliznytsia

TARIFF: track – traction – railcar

  • Infrastructure constraints: ways to avoid seasonal collapses on the railway, expansion of port infrastructure, development of towards-border routes
  • Rolling stock: balance between disposal and renewal of rolling stock, clear distribution of Ukrzaliznytsia’s wagons with Prozzoro, division of transportation services and wagon ranting services
  • Market conditions and flexibility of rates: how to prevent speculation in wagons
  • Private wagon park: development and diversification strategies, growing number of operators and wagons
  • Private locomotives standing aside despite the overall deficit: what’s next?


The member companies of the European Business Association are provided with a 15% discount*

of the base participation fee.

* – when filling in the registration form please type the EBA in the gap “On recommendation”.

For participation or further information about the event, do not hesitate contacting the conference manager Halyna Skvortsova

tel: +38 097 963 28 71, + 38 066 222 66 48

e-mail: h.skvortsova@ukrvantage.com

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