Bulgarian Railways plans to increase salaries for locomotive drivers

BDZ – Passenger Transport EOOD and BDZ – Freight Transport EOOD made an official proposal to the trade unions to amend the Collective Labor Agreement, which will include additional remuneration for locomotive personnel in the companies, informs Railway Supply magazine referring BDZ website.

to increase salaries for locomotive drivers

The company proposes to triple the remuneration per kilometer traveled for locomotive drivers and twice for driver assistants who perform their duties during the trip, paying them 0.11 leva / km for drivers and 0.07 leva / km for driver assistants.

An additional fee is offered for passenger locomotive drivers trained and servicing newly delivered Smartron locomotives. They are offered an additional payment of 3.40 lev. for every hour.

From the beginning of next year, the base salary of all employees of the companies will be increased by 6.55%.

The proposals for additional remuneration for locomotive personnel are part of the BDZ’s efforts to improve the working environment and working conditions of workers in the performance of their work duties, which is an integral part of improving the services offered in general.


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