Ballast Blaster for excavators and backhoe loaders

The patented Dymax Rail Ballast Blaster Undercutter is the only excavator undercutter in the world engineered to work with all makes of standard, stock excavators. With the world’s first and only 360° attachment rotation, the Dymax Ballast Blaster gives the greatest operating flexibility.

Ballast Blaster for excavators and backhoe loaders

Available on some models, the auto-adjusting chain dramatically reduces chain wear, increasing safety and reducing downtime. The automatic chain adjustment system delivers the right amount of tension throughout the cutting cycle, and gives you continuous cutting ability.

The Dymax Ballast Blaster is the world’s only ballast maintenance work tool with full 360° continuous rotation. With this flexibility operators can position the machine to work from either side of the track and at sites where tracks run close together. It also allows operators maximum cutting speed and performance.

Ballast Blaster for excavators and backhoe loaders

Features and specifications

  • Dymax Rail’s patent pending Blaster Bar with replaceable ROK-GÄARDTM Chromium Carbide reversible wear plates.
  • Automatic Chain Tensioning on all 360° models.
  • Exclusive bi-directional cutting chain allows operators to cut in either direction.
  • Powerful and robust 360° machine interface provides better machine balance by placing load directly under the stick. Operators have full control and can cut in either direction.
  • Direct drive system features powerful hydraulic radial piston motor that delivers more torque and improved cutting efficiency.

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