A new intermodal rail terminal will open in Szeged, on the Hungarian-Serbian border. The facility called PSP Terminal, which is currently under construction, will become operational in September 2023 to facilitate the transition from road to rail. Railway Supply magazine writes about this, referring to RailFreight.


The initiative came from the Hungarian freight company Petrolsped Szallitmanyozasi, which is funding the project. In the area of the Szeged-Horgos border crossing between Hungary and Serbia, there is a growing number of projects for the construction of railway terminals. The last two examples are the project launched by METRANS in Szeged, which is expected to be operational by 2025, and the so-called Horgos terminal on the Serbian side of the border.

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The facility is expected to receive road shipments from Serbia as well as Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey and move these volumes by rail for shipment further north to Hungary and Europe. Petrolsped Szallitmanyozasi estimates that the PSP terminal will help remove 60,000 trucks from Hungarian roads every year. The facility, the company explained, will reduce the load on terminals in Budapest and Curtici, close to the Romanian border, which handle most of the cargo on a north-south axis.

The terminal will cover a surface of 4,8 hectares. It will be equipped to handle three pairs of trains up to 650 metres in length every day and will be suitable for non-craneable semi-trailers. First and last-mile services for transportation to and from the terminal will be available as well. Moreover, there will be a section dedicated to repairing the tarpaulins of semi-trailers and damaged containers.

The PSP terminal project was announced by Petrolsped Szallitmanyozasi at the general meeting of the Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centers on 18 April. The facility will be located in the area of the former Rolling Highway (ROLA) in Kiskundorosm, east of Szeged.

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