It is planned to update the rolling stock and introduce digital systems in the metro of the Uzbek capital.

модернизации метрополитена

TMH and the Tashkent Metro signed a 10-year Memorandum of Cooperation on the development of the Metro, which will be in effect during 2022-2032, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to ТMH.

Both signatories plan to modernize the infrastructure and renew the rolling stock in the metro, introduce a digital control system, improve security systems, introduce microprocessor-based traffic control and dispatch systems, integrate the metro with ground passenger transport systems to increase accessibility and demand, and advertising services and the creation of a logistics center for the integration of commuter, urban passenger transport and metro.

The document was signed by Kirill Lipa, Director General of TMH, and Rakhmonbek Usmanov, Head of the Tashkent Metro.

Railway China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan: Construction in question

Within the framework of the memorandum, the parties intend to interact in areas related to the development of infrastructure, rolling stock and passenger traffic of the metro of the capital of Uzbekistan.

The Tashkent Metro consists of four lines with a total length of 59.5 km and 43 stations.

The first section opened in 1977. TMH subsidiary, Metrovagonmash, has been working with the Tashkent Metro since its opening and by the end of this year will supply 10 four-car trains for the metro.

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