By the end of the year, Altayvagon will supply new gondola cars to Mongolia for 900 million rubles. The volume of deliveries may amount to approximately 300 wagons.

Altayvagon will supply new open wagons to Mongolia by the end of the year

The Russian manufacturer has signed a contract with the Institute of Railway Drawings and Projects LLC, financing is provided by Roseximbank, insurance coverage is provided by EXIAR (both structures are part of the REC), reports Railway Supply magazine.

The ordered model 12-2153-01 was certified earlier this year. According to IPEM estimates, we can talk about the supply of about 300 wagons.

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Earlier in December 2020, another Russian manufacturer, UWC, won the tender for the supply of railcars to Mongolia. The company, under a contract with Bodi International, is to supply 810 gondola cars 12-9853 with an axle load of 25 tf: the first 100 units were shipped in February.


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