Alstom has equipped 36 Flirt MAV-Start EMUs with ETCS L2, designed to increase speed and safety. The first 36 of the 59 units have been licensed and are now back in passenger service, equipped with a train management system that meets stringent European requirements. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Railway Pro.

Alstom MAV

The entire project is scheduled to be completed in September 2023 after undergoing a certification process that includes extensive testing and verification. Alstom received this project through a public procurement process.

Operail has agreed to sell its Finnish freight operations to Nurminen Logistics

The main task of ETCS is to monitor the movement of trains and improve the safety of railway traffic in various operational situations. The system continuously calculates warning, operating and emergency braking speed profiles, and also monitors the authorised speed for both the train and the track. In full supervision mode, it is practically impossible for a driver to mistakenly ignore a red warning signal. The enhanced ETCS Level 2 provides continuous monitoring via GSM-R. The ETCS Level 2 system improves traffic efficiency by allowing upgraded trains to circulate at higher speeds on lines where the track conditions allow.

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