In the Czech Republic, beer sales on the train are breaking records of popularity, bringing in huge profits. This is how the Czechs do business on minibars, showing off the results of sales, according to Railway Supply magazine, citing Nakolei.


Czech Railways noted that interest in mobile minibar offers is constantly growing. Last year, more than a million passengers bought any product. Customers are increasingly using the mobile minibar to refresh themselves while traveling. Among the most popular items are coffee and other hot drinks that the minibar stewards offer from a symbolic 15 crowns. The gastronomic offer is also not small, and passengers can taste, for example, tarts, freshly baked cookies or stuffed baguettes and sandwiches.

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In 2022, these were the most popular items from the minibar basket menu: the most sold were instant coffee (294,090 cups), Manuel coffee (95,752 cups), cappuccino coffee (141,625 cups), still water (87,954 bottles ), sparkling water (83,579 bottles), Pilsner Urquel beer (133,307 cans), Budweiser Budvar beer (88,825 cans), Kofola (106,890 bottles), a 7Days croissant (88,037 pcs.) and Tatranky waffles (54,803 pcs.)

For all of the above products, there was an increase in sales. It is worth noting that beer sales on Czech Railways trains almost doubled compared to 2021 data. In total, 222,132 half-liter cans of beer were sold in 2022, while in 2021 there were 108,716 cans. It is worth noting that the Czech carrier also recorded an increase in the number of passengers last year, which could definitely lead to an increase in the number of goods sold.

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Data for 2021: More beer is bought and drunk on Czech trains than water and tea or even cola.

In the middle of last year, ČD minibars were enriched with a novelty: edible insects. Almost two and a half thousand packages of crunchy worms or crickets were sold. Due to the high content of protein and trace elements, they are especially popular with athletes and people leading a healthy lifestyle. But those who want to try something new while traveling by train are also interested in them, the Czechs say.

For several months, branded beer “Matylda” was also sold in minibars. The profit made from its sale was used to repair the steam locomotive Matylda 313.432. It is currently under renovation at the ČD Museum in Lužná u Rakovník. In addition, another beer brand will be created this year, which will support the repair of another historic locomotive – which one the Czechs have not yet disclosed.

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