According to Oleg Tofilat, CEO of the state-owned carrier CFM, by 2025, the company’s entire fleet of 780 grain hoppers will be decommissioned. Based on this, CFM intends to purchase from Polish manufacturers from 600 to 1000 hoppers for €40-65 million, Railway Supply magazine reports with reference to RollingStock.


The new park is to be delivered in 2025. The acquisition will be carried out with a loan provided by Poland in 2015. CFM will also look for solutions to upgrade the fleet of shunting locomotives: the need is estimated by the carrier itself at 25-30 locomotives.

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Against the backdrop of changes in freight traffic due to Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, the volume of traffic increased significantly in Moldova in 2022: from 670 million t-km in 2021 to 1232 million t-km, of which the share of grain was 27%. To ensure its export to the ports, the Bessarabka-Berezino (Ukraine) line was restored last year and the Bessarabka-Giurgiulesti line is being reconstructed.

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