The private operator Go-Ahead Bayern, which started operations on regional lines in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg on December 11, 2022, has experienced massive failures of new electric trains built by Siemens. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to zdmira.

Mireo Siemens

On December 14, 2022, due to freezing rain and subsequent icing of the contact wire, pantographs and other equipment of nine trains failed, which led to their stop, including four on hauls. Under these conditions, the operator decided to drop off at the nearest stations the passengers of all its trains that were running on the Augsburg regional network. The next day, it was unable to put 13 trains on the line and was forced to significantly reduce the operation.

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As of the evening of December 19, the problems with the trains had not been resolved. Siemens specialists are trying to eliminate the defects that have arisen in pantographs and coupling equipment, but the operator reports that it will not be possible to restore the traffic until at least December 23. Go-Ahead Bayern has committed to reimburse passengers for long-distance train tickets that have to be used instead of regional trains.

In total, 12 Desiro HC trains and 44 Mireo trains were purchased from Siemens for transportation on the Augsburg network. The contract for their maintenance was signed in December 2020 with TMH International.

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