Several routes in Europe have been identified that are compatible with Ukrainian grain carriers. Four seaports can be reached along these routes. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to RailFreight.

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The consulting company DB Engineering & Consulting conducted this study on behalf of UZ. Ukrainian hopper wagons are taller and wider than European ones, and their reloading at the border takes a long time. The question was which ports could be reached without overloading the wagons.

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Only 4 of the 12 selected ports were suitable for the type 19-752 freight car that was considered in the study. These are the German ports of Hamburg and Rostock, the Polish port of Gdansk and the Romanian port of Constanta. A total of ten routes were identified. Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic were not suitable for transport, so nearby ports such as Rijeka, Trieste or Genoa are not suitable for hopper wagons as the final destination.

In the next phases, remaining issues of technical compatibility with European standards, such as safety regulations, noise reduction and certification of bogie change systems (ECM certificate) will need to be considered and resolved.

Hopper wagons can carry much more agricultural cargo than containers and are therefore considered by most companies to be the most suitable means of transport. However, there are those who advocate the transition to containers. When using grain carriers, the reloading of the train takes 24 hours. However, containerized platforms reduce transshipment to two to four hours per train. To support the rail transportation of Ukrainian export products, companies should send containers and compatible equipment to Ukraine, they say.

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