Wojciech Balczun wrote on his Facebook page about a possible charge of “large-scale embezzlement at the Ukrainian Railways.”

Войцех Балчун сообщил

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply, citing the former head of UZ.

“At a time when ordinary railway workers remember Balchun with a noticeable increase in wages and the rise of the industry, some people cannot calm down and invent all sorts of nonsense. So today I found out that I, allegedly, “are accused of large-scale embezzlement at the Ukrainian Railways,” writes Wojciech Balczun

“I officially announce that, according to the results of my work in Ukraine, I am not a defendant in any criminal case, especially the accused. Now I am seriously thinking about suing in order to defend my honor and dignity in the legal field! I will demand compensation from this false resource, as much as 1 hryvnia, because this is the price of this publication and the information that they distribute!”

“If journalists or other people have questions for me, I will be happy to answer them, because I am always open for communication,” says Wojciech Balczun.

The editors of Railway Supply magazine requested additional information from the former head of UZ.

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