An unusual incident occurred in Birmingham at the Genesee & Wyoming Inc. intermodal terminal, a fox entered the terminal, which was not left unnoticed by Camco Technologies OCR cameras.

Camco Technologies OCR cameras

The latest OCR Truck system from the Belgian manufacturer that was installed at the intermodal terminal Genesee & Wyoming Inc. immediately identified the intruder!

Camco Technologies OCR cameras

“Our OCR camera systems operate 24/7. But somebody doesn’t know about it. Upon triggering our OCR Truck portal at the entrance to the Genesee & Wyoming Inc. intermodal transport terminal in Birmingham, a thief was caught at the entrance to the terminal. We didn’t get its ISO number. The violator was unable to get through the gate due to a mismatch in fingerprints! ”- commented Camco Technologies, informs Railway Supply. magazine.

About Camco Technologies:

Camco Technologies is a pioneer in the automation of the container handover process. The Camco Technologies image recognition and locationbased automation solutions provide accurate and essential data for terminals to optimize operations. Our proprietary hardware and software solutions integrate seamlessly with any terminal operation system and are implemented in more than 250 terminals all over the world.

Fast and accurate registration of trucks and containers

Camco AI vision technology significantly increases speed, accuracy and throughput at Intermodal terminal truck gates. Truck and load data are registered at the truck camera portal and sent to the TOS for verification. The powerful cameras run on the latest generation of OCR/OFR engines based on convolutional neural networks and AI, pushing recognition rates to a maximum and exception jobs to a minimum. Line-scan cameras provide crisp images of containers and trailers left, right and top sides, providing a powerful and automated solution for condition recording. Manually performed visual inspections for train inventory and condition tracking purposes belong to the past!

Reading standardized iso containers

According to ISO 6346, all standardized ISO containers and CEN-standardized containers or SWAP bodies must be marked with the 11-digit container identifier as well as with the 4-digit ISO container size and type code. Camco truck portal is capable of perfectly reading container and truck ID, but also additional markings and features such as IMDG labels, door direction and seal presence.

Автоматическая регистрация и проверка железнодорожных контейнеров

Camco Technologies
Werner Peeters
Project Manager – Business Development
+32 479 473 116

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