Recently, information appeared on the network that Ukrzaliznytsia plans to purchase 80 suburban and regional trains at an inflated price. The UZ called this information “incorrect” and presented arguments.

tender for the purchase passenger trains

Picture: Stadler

The company offered to compare the price after the auction, because it is expected to reduce the cost, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Railinsider.

“The actual contract price for 286 Stadler trains is compared to the planned cost of the potential purchase of trains from Stadler, Siemens, Alstom or other manufacturers (potential bidders). UZ calculates the possible cost according to the approved methodology of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. It is advisable to compare the price with analogs only after the auction and the finalization of the terms of the contract,” the company notes.

Kharkiv signed a memorandum with Stadler on the development of urban electric transport

The technical features of future trains were also explained: “Electric trains with a body width of 2880 mm are being purchased for the Swiss railways, and a body width of at least 3400 mm is prescribed for electric trains for the Ukrainian railways, which increases the consumption of materials and the cost of developing and testing the design of electric trains.”

They also talked about the different levels of taxes. “In the tender documents of UZ, the expected purchase price is indicated with 20% VAT, in Switzerland the level of such a tax is 7.7%,” the message emphasizes.

In addition, they wrote about the volume of the purchase: “Switzerland has purchased 286 trains for suburban and intercity communication. UZ orders only 20 out of 80 trains (the fourth part) for interregional transportation. They differ in the level of comfort, because they are designed for travel lasting up to 7 hours. “

“The batch of trains ordered by the Swiss railways is actually three times more than that provided by the Ukrainian company. According to world practice, the larger the batch is ordered, the greater the discount from the manufacturer, ”the message says.

As previously reported, Switzerland will purchase up to 510 FLIRT electric trains from Stadler.

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