Uralvagonzavod Corporation does not have any new orders for railway cars in 2021

Falling demand for coal and the slow change of an outdated fleet has left Uralvagonzavod without new orders for wagons in 2021. The corporation fulfills the current Federal Freight Company contract – the supply of 17,000 units of rolling stock, but this contract was concluded in 2019, as «Railway Supply» reports, citing RBC

railway cars
picture: Павел Лисицын / Reuters

The biggest customers of Uralvagonzavod Corporation at different times were: SUEK, Federal Freight Company (Russian Railways  subsidiary), First Freight Company

As for the Russian Railways, the largest contracts for the supply of rail cars in 2020, the corporation signed with Roslokomotiv and Transport Mechanical Engineering, but these contracts are rated for 2020-2025.