UNIMOG – All-round talent

The uniqueness of rail-road Unimog is in a set of skills. First of all, it is the ability to work with a gigantic set of accessories. The U400 model represents a series of machines designed specifically for the use of quick coupler attachments. Unimog U400 is equipped with hydraulic and mechanical drives for working tools used in repair work. It can use more than 60 types of accessories, and several of these “attachments” can be attached to the machine at the same time.


In a short time, Unimog can completely change the set of attachments, and it is already ready for use in a completely new quality. All this makes the Unimog locomobile the most versatile vehicle. No other car or locomotive has so many operating options. Most of these machines are used to service track facilities.

Railway magazine “Railway Supply”


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