Dear friends, we would like to invite you to visit the stand of Ukrainian railway manufacturers at the InnoTrans 2022 exhibition.

Ukrainian manufacturers at InnoTrans 2022

Amstead-Rail L.L.C (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

Amstead-Rail L.L.C., an American – Ukrainian joint venture, was established in 2004. Amstead-Rail L.L.C. specializes in the production of parts that are made of high-strength steels and ductile cast iron and subjected to austempering, an isothermal heat treating process with producing the bainite microstructure. The enterprise also manufactures parts of various steels and alloys by combining sheet-metal stamping and hardening operations, and performs various heat treating operations, among them annealing and normalization. For many years, the company has been producing
units of friction shock absorbers for freight and passenger car bogies, constant contact side bearings, friction units of the suspension system of locomotives, parts for farming and earthmoving equipment. Of high attention for Amsted-Rail L.L.C. is the quality and competitiveness of its products.

AT-SIGNAL LLC (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

«AT-SIGNAL» LLC – develops and manufactures signaling solutions for railway and metro lines. The company is a solution provider in rail signaling and automation technology offering the portfolio of signaling solutions in the industry providing integrated solutions to create substantial benefits for operators, passengers and the environment. AT-SIGNAL has more than 10 years of experience in the railway business. Today the company supplies goods not only in Ukraine, but also successfully exports its products to the CIS countries, Central Asia and Europe. The company is an engineering center, as well as a developer of its own devices and systems which are manufactured based on international quality and safety standards. Through our signaling solutions we offer a comprehensive portfolio of rail systems including: Central traffic control system, Computer based interlocking system, Axle counter system, Radio-based diagnostic system, Microprocessor Level crossing system, Overvoltage protection, Analogue-to-digital transformation.

Experimental mechanical plant «Karpaty» (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

“Experimental mechanical plant «Karpaty» is a modern Ukrainian car-building enterprise. It is also the only enterprise in Ukraine engaged in the production of tank containers of many types, including their modernization and repair. The main areas of activity are the construction of freight cars, repair of rolling stock, manufacturing of tank containers, containers and metal structures. The high technological level of production, the real professionalism of our team and the experience of working in an international environment are our most important competitive advantage. The ability to quickly readjust to the production of new products distinguishes our company from others.

Kharkiv Bearing Plant (HARP) (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

Kharkiv Bearing Plant (HARP) is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of bearings for railway transport with complete production cycle and more than 70 years of experience. Product range includes more than 500 types of bearings with an outer diameter from 30 to 400 mm represented under the brands HARP, HAPRAGRO, HARP-AUTO. Today HARP holds leading positions in the production of railway bearing units for the «1520 space» and strives to expand its presence on the EU market. Over the past 4 years there were developed solutions for 1435 mm gauge – WJ/WJP120x240x80 and WJ/WJP130x240x80 axlebox bearings, which have already proven performance characteristics and high quality.

KIEVGUMA LLC (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

Today, KIEVGUMA LLC has a leading position in the Ukrainian market of rubber products. The company produces about 4 000 rubber, latex, silicone, PVC and TPE products for all industry and national economy branches. The product range includes various molded products such as: rubber plates, o-rings, gaskets for railway tracks, cuffs, various household and agricultural products, as well as non-molded products: seals, underlayer rubber-textile sheet, tubes, cords, etc. KIEVGUMA LLC also offers a wide range of medical products and baby’s medical products. The company has its own production facilities and warehouses with a total area of more than 21,000 square meters and is located on 3 hectares of land. Every month KIEVGUMA LLC develops more than 30 new various products and recipes that can be used in various industry branches: construction, agriculture, household, etc. The production facilities allow to produce up to 1 thousand tons of profiles and more than 2 thousand tons of molded products per year. Molded products are produced using molds by the method of direct pressing or by casting the material into a mold.

KLW Wheelco SA (Hall 21, 650)

KLW WheelCo SA is the marketing, distribution and export sales company of the Ukrainian pipes and railway wheels producer — Interpipe. Based in Lugano, KLW Wheelco SA supplies high quality railway wheels to customers from Europe, North America, Asia and the CIS. The geography of sales of railway products under the KLW brand covers more than 60 countries of the world. The company has many years of experience working with car building and car repair companies, as well as railway operators in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the USA, India, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and other countries. The company provides a full production cycle – from steel melting to shipment of finished products – and controls the quality of the product at all stages of production. We have an extensive experience that allows us to occupy a leading position in regions with a developed transport infrastructure.

PJSC «Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works» (Hall 3.2, 600)

Public Joint-Stock Company “Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works” is a leading manufacturer of vehicles in Ukraine, including railway rolling stock. Over the 150-year history of the company, the plant staff managed to switch from maintenance and repair of railway freight cars and passenger coaches to the development and full cycle of production. Since the establishment of serial production and up to the present time the plant has produced about 550,000 freight cars and 750 locomotive-hauled passenger coaches, metro cars, inter-regional rapid electrical multiple units, diesel multiple units and other engineering products.

Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant, PJSC (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant, PJSC wasfoundedin 1861. Over these years, LLRPhas become one of the leading companieswithin Ukrzaliznytsia, JSC in Ukraine in terms of overhaul reconditioning, upgrading and renovation of electric locomotives, in-line production of electric machines, wheeled pairsand manufacture of the replacement parts. In order to guaranteehigh-quality service of traction vehicle repair, the company makes proactive efforts, working on the technical development and implementation of modern production technology. A great number of technological developments aimed at repairing electric locomotives with modern electronic systems and manufacturing thereplacement parts out of high-quality materials ensure the production of the goods, allowing the company to save money on electricityconsumption andmaintenance of railway vehicles. Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant, PJSC has been thoroughly and completely overhauling the DC electric locomotives ВЛ8, вл10, вл11, ВЛ11М, ВЛ11М/5, ВЛ11М/6, ВЛ40, ВЛ80, the locomotive traction units ПЕ2м, ПE2у, оПE1AM and a number of other models, pursuant to the Technical Specification agreed upon with Customer.

MDC LLC (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

Since 1995, our company has been producing fiberglass products (GRP, FRP, GFK) for various sectors of the transport industry: railway, marine, automotive, and others. We design, prepare for production, and manufacture products for our customers in accordance with EN 45545 (HL1, HL2) and GOST standards. Our products can be over 7 meters in size. At the same time, we can paint these products with various types of paints. We have an excellent production base: more than 6,000 square meters of production facilities equipped with everything necessary to the highest standards of
hygiene. All networks on our territory of 12 hectares are new and duplicated. The most important thing is that we have a good reputation in our region and qualified people always willingly come to work with us. This allows us, if necessary, to increase production volumes within a reasonable time. We also have excellent long-term relationships with our suppliers, which allows us to produce even complex products in a short time and with high quality. We create a good interface when working with clients, which allows them to know about the status of order fulfillment at any time. At the same time, we are always very careful about the confidential information of our customers.

OKOndt GROUP (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

OKOndt GROUP has 30-year experience in development and manufacture of Ultrasonic and Eddy-Current equipment for: Testing of rolling stock components of locomotives, railway cars; Testing of rails in track and during their production. For the purpose of high-level operational safety, quality and reliability OKOndt GROUP supplies the NDT equipment of its own production which helps customers to resolve the issues of NDT on a turn-key basis.

LLC PLUTON IC (Hall 17, 420)

PLUTON is the modern innovative manufacturer of electrotechnical equipment for city electric transport, metro and railways. The Company holds key positions in electrical industry and has been successfully working over 30 years implementing the strategy of intensive growth, development and continuous improvement of products and services quality. More than 70 types of PLUTON equipment are supplied to various countries of the world and successfully applied in the field of transport, power industry and production sector. Our solutions are successfully used in transport systems of Ukraine, Sweden, Republic of Poland, Romania, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Republic of Tajikistan, Estonia, and other countries. PLUTON Group has representative offices in 7 countries of the world, and continues to develop dynamically
and extend its global presence. PLUTON’s main activity includes development, manufacturing and “turn-key” supply of low-maintenance DC traction substations. The Company actively operates at the market of energy-saving technologies, producing AC and DC electric drive systems for voltage up to 600 V and 6000 V. One of the key activities is development and supply of automatic process control systems,SCADA systems.


RWA – is a professional engineering company, that isworking in the field of traffic control systems automation for more than 22 years in Ukraine and other countries. The experience we’ve received and the continuous search for innovation technologies, for the ways to increase the quality of our products and services let RWA effectively control all the stages of systems development process – from the design up to startup. RWA is capable of processing the full scope of projects when building new or modernization of existing traffic control systems for mainline, industrial transport
and metro. Divisions that the company consists of can provide the full scope of jobs, including: the site investigation; development of Technical requirements specification; system Design; system supply; custom software development; laboratory testing procedures; commissioning and start-up procedures; customer stuff training; technical service during the guarantee period and afterwards.

TATRA-YUG (Hall 2.2, 660)

TATRA-YUG is a large Ukrainian LRV and tramcar manufacturer and equipment producer since 1993, being an ideological follower of the world’s largest enterprise for production of trams – CKD “TATRA” (the Czech Republic, founded in 1927). “TATRA” was one of the co-founders of TATRA-YUG and handed us their technical knowledge and experience in the market. We manufacture different types of tramcars under individual orders considering all costumer’s requirements, such as climate features, conditions of track facilities and other relevant characteristics.

Bilotserkivskiy zavod “Tribo” LLC (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

Tribo is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer and exporter of friction products. We produce more than 800 various products for railway transport, commercial and special vehicles. Tribo exports to 30 countries worldwide such us the UK, South Africa, Baltic countries, Moldova, Poland, Georgia and also supplies original parts to several OEM manufacturers. World class testing lab that is based at Tribo makes it possible to control the quality of the final product and to develop new recipes. Tribo maintains a full production cycle, which allows us to be flexible in implementing new products and improving current ones. Tribo is a reliable supplier to the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. We are certified according to ECE R90, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 17025, TP TC.

Ukrainian Locomotive Engineering Company LLC (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

Ukrainian Locomotive Engineering Company LLC was founded in 2016. The main activities of the Company are the production (repair) of railway locomotives and rolling stock, the provision of services for the organization of transportation of goods by rail. The company’s goal is to create a powerful private Ukrainian railway carrier according to European standards and to improve the condition of the locomotive fleet in Ukraine by modernizing existing locomotives and building new locomotives. Today, the company has its own locomotive fleet, which includes 33 locomotives (18 diesel locomotives of the “2М62” series, 12 diesel locomotives of the “ЧМЕ3” series, 3 diesel locomotives of the “M62” series) and certified production facilities in the Lviv region, Ukraine. Our company became the first company in Ukraine that developed and actively implements a comprehensive European-style Safety Management System, systematically replenishes and modernizes its own transport fleet. The company is the first participant
in the experimental project on the introduction of private traction in Ukraine, which concluded the relevant contract with JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

UCI Group (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

UCI Group is Ukrainian developer and manufacturer specializing in equipping railway structural subdivisions, car repair shops, locomotive repair
facilities with both metalworking, press, welding and lifting equipment. The enterprise is located in the central part of Ukraine in the city of Cherkasy.
The main list of manufactured products is the following machines: line of CNC lathes for turning wheel sets, these are portable and stationary overfloor and underfloor wheel lathes; specialized milling machines for processing car parts (bolster, side frame, axleboxes); multi-purpose armature commutator repair machines; various presses for forming and dismantling wheel sets, for rolling lock ring of locomotive wheels, for testing rail welds, locomotive drop tables, screw jacks, underfloor pit jacks; mobile and containerized rail welding complexes.


In September 2022, our company will be 10 years old. Thanks to the remote work system, which has been actively used since 2014, we are able to support our clients in any conditions (pandemic, war, etc.). This has allowed us to become a reliable partner in international railway and engineering projects. We can offer you our design services in the following areas: Locomotive building and carriage building, Modernization of diesel and electric locomotives, Digital and technological transformation, Production sites (audit of technical documentation, production technology, selection of equipment, digital production management). Our technical specialists are ready to carry out projects of any complexity in the field of: Mechanical design and redesign (2D/3D), Layouts and integration of systems and equipment, Engineering calculations, Development of technical requirements and service documentation. For the quality implementation of the project, we use: Modern engineering design and simulation tools from the American company PTC, No Magic Systems Engineering Tools (MBSE) for modeling complex systems and processes.

JSC “Ukrainian railways” (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

JSC “Ukrainian railways” is a national carrier of cargo and passengers. Ukraine has one of the largest railway networks in Europe, the deployed length of which is more than 27,000 km, 90% having been electrified. Also, two-thirds of railway tracks are equipped with modern means of traffic control, dispatching centralization, and interlocking systems. The Ukrainian railway directly borders and cooperates with the railways of Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. Also, before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, the company served 13 Ukrainian seaports of the Black Sea and Azov basins. In addition, JSC “Ukrainian railways” is the country’s largest employer. Currently, the company
employs about 230,000 people. In 2021, JSC “Ukrainian railways” launched a large-scale restoration of infrastructure and rolling stock. Thus, in
2021-2022, the company built, restored and electrified more infrastructure than in the previous 5 years. Also, JSC “Ukrainian railways” concluded a contract for the supply of 100 new passenger cars, 50 rail cars have already been obtained. In addition, the company began to rehabilitate the fleet of freight cars and locomotives: 113 rail cars were built and 168 sections of locomotives were repaired.

“Railway Supply” – integrated solutions for railway transport (Hall B, CityCube, 600)

We are a marketing, advertising and trading company, we also carry out export-import operations. Our clients: railway authorities; departments, branches and structural divisions of railways; procurement and marketing departments of the enterprises of mining, petrochemical, metallurgical, agricultural industries; railway workshops and railway divisions of factories and plants; sea and river ports, stevedore companies; railway forwarders; urban railway transport; rolling stock construction and maintenance companies.

Official Catalogue of Ukrainian Pavilion at InnoTrans 2022

Dear friends, we would like to invite you to visit the stand of Ukrainian railway manufacturers at the InnoTrans 2022 exhibition.

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