Twenty Škoda Transportation locomotives of the 380 series could change their owners.

České dráhy (Czech Railways) have started to explore the market to find a new owner for the 380 series locomotives or let them for the long-term lease.

Škoda Transportation
picture: České dráhy

In recent days, the company has sent out an offer to a number of freight carriers about possible long-term lease or purchasing of these locomotives. Reffering to Zdopravy, «Railway Supply» railway magazine informs that the company also officially accepted the possibility of getting rid of these locomotives.

“We are considering different options. At the moment we are just checking whether these locomotives can be interesting and under what conditions. No decision has been made yet”, České dráhy representative Robert Pagan said.

In a letter to the carriers, Czech Railways explains that they are examing a possible interest in this series, which has licenses to work in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Germany and Hungary. Locomotives have to be fully ready no later than 2025. Czech Railways company offers either long-term lease or their sale.