Track maintenance tools: Rail drilling machine

Rail drilling machine is designed for drilling of rail webs for fish bolts and other connectors during railway maintenance and construction.

Track maintenance tools: Rail drilling machine
Track maintenance tools: Rail drilling machine

Technical specification Rail drilling machine

Drive type

Air-cooled 4-stroke petrol engine


1,2 kW

Drilling speed

40 sec/rail

Dimensions (H x W x L)

355x500x550 mm


17 kg

Before using the rail drilling machine you should carefully read the instructions.

  • The operator have to read this operating manual carefully to know the machine structure and how to work safely with it. The operator must be familiar with the general safety measures!

  • Always check every part of the machine before starting work, as well as the presence of grease in the engine and gearbox. If one of the mechanisms is broken or does not work correctly, do not start work until troubleshooting. The machine must only be used in good technical condition.

  • While drilling, the force applied to the lever should be moderate and even, reduce the feed rate when you feel the hole is almost done. Make sure there is sufficient coolant when drilling.

  • If the cutter is stuck, carefully remove it from the rail and then feed it slower.

  • If the machine breaks down during operation, disconnect it from the rail and then repair it.

  • The engine must be stopped during refueling. Keep it away from fire. Wipe up any spilled fuel after refueling.

  • Never obstruct the exhaust pipe while starting and running the engine.

  • Never clean chips while drilling

  • Do not leave the engine running unattended for long periods of time.

  • Be vigilant when pressing the accelerator, do not keep the engine at high revs for a long time, and this will increase its service life.

Sales and service maintenance

+38 (093) 1520432, +38 (050) 3252563


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