Track maintenance tools: Hydraulic track jack DK-10

Hydraulic track jack DK-10 is designed for lifting and straightening of tracks and switch pointes during ballasting, maintenance and construction.

Track maintenance tools: Hydraulic track jack DK-10
Hydraulic track jack DK-10

Technical specifications Hydraulic track jack DK-10:

Max. lifting capacity 10 t
Max. leveling force 8 tf
Working fluid pressure 406 kg/cm2
Force on the handle less than 20 kgf
Max. lifting height 200 mm
Dimensions (H x W x L) 515 х 130 х 345 mm
Total weight 13 kg

The operating procedure of the track jack:

  • Before using the jack, remove it from long-term storage if needed and check its completion.
  • Check the oil and its level in the jack reservoir . If necessary, fill in the new clear oil through the filler plug.
  • Bleed the air from closed cavities by pumping the jack with the drain valve
  • Check the jack operation in the lifting and lowering modes.
  • To raise the railway track, place the jack lifting arm under the rail until the rail foot touches the jack body, while the lifting arm fully go under the rail foot. Due to the high pressure on the ground when lifting and straightening, use strong wooden pads which are larger than the size of the jack base. The straightening of the railway track can be done with the upper lifting arm.
  • Move the handle to lift or move the load to the required position. The drain valve must be turned all the way down.
  • When lifting or moving the load, ensure the correct position of the vertical axis of the jack.
  • Release the jack from the load by turning the drain valve counterclockwise.
  • After finishing work, do not leave the jack with the lift raised up, because the piston rod and operating cylinder liner may corrode. It is necessary to clean the jack of dirt, wipe it with a rag, cover the piston rod with the grease, open the drain valve and lower the lift down to the stop.
  • Your safety is your personal responsibility. Always follow the correct procedures.

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