On February 1, the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure No. 647 dated November 30, 2021 on limiting the maximum service life of freight wagons actually came into force.

write-off of railway cars

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Railinsider.

It should be noted that on December 28, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine No. 647 “On approval of the Procedure for conducting a set of diagnostic, repair and registration operations aimed at extending the life of freight cars (except for freight cars of technological railway transport enterprises intended to move for production purposes in within the territory of such enterprises) established by the manufacturer, the terms for extending the operation of such cars”.

Production of freight rolling stock (platform cars, tank cars)

In particular, it provides for a phased limitation of the service life of freight cars and bringing it to the standard:

  • gondola cars – from 44 to 22 years;
  • grain carriers – from 45 years to 30 years.

This is the maximum service life of the wagons, which was determined by the manufacturer.

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