The cost of building a railway between Azerbaijan and Turkey through Armenia is estimated at $ 434 million, said Vusal Gasimli, executive director of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications (CAERC) of Azerbaijan, reports Railway Supply  magazine referring to Interfax-Azerbaijan.

The cost of the railway

The matter concerns the construction of the Kars-Nakhichevan-Meghri-Zangelan-Baku railway, which will connect the Nakhichevan autonomy with Azerbaijan. Vusal Gasimli added that, using the opportunities of Azerbaijan, Armenia will be able to establish transport links with Russia, which accounts for 25-30% of its turnover, in two directions – Gyumri-Nakhichevan-Meghri-Baku and Ijevan-Gazakh-Baku.

“Considering that the Kars-Gyumri railway line can also be built, then, according to foreign sources, the cost of the Kars-Gyumri-Nakhichevan-Meghri-Baku railway construction project will amount to about $ 434 million. The road with an annual freight volume of 10 million tons in the 13th year will be able to make a profit. Thus, Armenia’s ability to join the integration of the Azerbaijani and Turkish railway lines will depend on how rational the policy of official Yerevan will be, ”Gasimli said.


«Turkey Gate»: Railway project between Turkey and Azerbaijan

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