Swedish Railways will renew its sleeping car fleet

Swedish Railways will renew its sleeping car fleet
Picture: SJ

Swedish Railways (SJ) is modernizing most of its sleeper car fleet, according to the railway magazine Railway Supply, citing Rynek Kolejowy.

“Most of our railcar fleet is aging. But these railcars are not bad, and with proper renovation, they can successfully serve for the next 10 years. After the reconstruction, the railcars need to be refreshed, made more comfortable, we will add new devices to them. They should be cheaper to maintain, ”says Jan Kyrk, SJ’s commercial director for night trains.

The contract for the modernization works has already been signed between SJ and Euromaint. 12 WL1 1964-1965 cars, which have already been reconstructed in the mid-90s, 21 WL4 cars manufactured in 1990-1992, 3 WL6 and 11 BC4 cars from the mid-80s will be renewed. Ten more carriages, mid-1960s, will be repaired. Some wagons are so old that it will be necessary to produce components for them that are not on the market. This means the transformation will take a little longer than usual, Jan Kyrk said with disarming frankness.


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