Finnish Railways have noted the growing interest of passengers in overnight travel. For this reason, they intend to buy about a dozen new carriages for night trains.

Finnish Railways announces a tender for the supply of carriages for night trains
Picture: Phil Richards / Flickr

VR – Finnish Railways has announced a tender for the supply of 17 passenger cars, informs Railway Supply magazine, citing Rynek Kolejowy.

“We are expanding the network of night flights to Lapland, and for this we need new wagons. We are seeing a growing interest in traveling on our trains in sleeping cars, ”said Topi Simola, Deputy President of Finnish Railways. The operator is also considering using the new wagons on trains to Sweden.

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Finns currently have about 80 sleeping cars. Some of them are classic cars from the 90s, while others are double-decker cars, manufactured by the Finnish company Transtech, now acquired by the Czech Skoda.


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