Sudoměřice — Votice railroad modernization to cost about 418 millions USD

Sudoměřice — Votice (Czech Republic) railroad modernization will cost about 418 millions of USD. There is a tender at this time which will correct the final budgeting of railroad modernization

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Picture: SŽDC

Although, it looks like just a formality, because all the section will be built by OHL ŽS company, but for the first time the tender shows the cost of changing the project, which was originally planned with speed capability up to 160 km/h.

Technical literature for railway workers

With the reference to, railway magazine «Railway Supply» would like to inform that Správa železnic (Czech national railway infrastructure operator) decided to make the changes into the project increasing speed capability up to 200 km/h after the building had started

First of all, the subject of the tender is the revision of railway track, railway platforms and signal communications facilities. 200 km/h speed capabilitу modification will be undertaken under the  continuing construction

Twenty kilometers construction was started in spring 2018. Total investment costs exceeded 7 billion CZK. OHL ŽS company won the tender. The total project cost is 4,4 billions of USD.

Innovative rail maintenance equipment by ROBEL

OHL ŽS is a dynamic multibusiness construction company with the 65-years of traditions and experience. It is one of the largest Czech construction companies.

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