The dynamic development of trade on the New Silk Road is reflected in the investment plans of the operators. For several years now SPEDCONT has been investing in the expansion and modernization of the terminal in Lodz. For the company belonging to the PEKAES Group, further projects are of strategic importance and are associated with the growing number of transhipments of goods imported from China.

SPEDCONT invests in the expansion and modernization of the terminal in Lodz

SPEDCONT is currently undergoing modernization, with the operator claiming to double its capacity, informs Railway Supply magazine citing Nakolei Pl.

In recent years, SPEDCONT has invested in the infrastructure of the container terminal in Lodz, one of the largest facilities of this type in Poland. The operator significantly increased the terminal area and took care of new equipment for the entire facility.

Poland invests PLN 200 billion in transport infrastructure

Among other things, the company acquired container semitrailers, an overhead crane, and also introduced modern IT systems to manage forwarding and storage sites. Currently, the company has embarked on the next stage of work, which should help to increase the production potential of the company.

SPEDCONT offers its clients a full range of intermodal services, including the delivery of containers from ports to terminals or to the client’s access railroad, full transshipment services, road transport of containers from the terminal, trans-Siberian transport, siding, customs and logistics services.


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