Škoda wins a major contract for the supply of electric trains for Czech Railways

Škoda Transportation Group has won a contract for the supply of new electric trains for the Czech Railways (České dráhy), as Railway Supply magazine reports citing Zdopravy.

electric trains
Picture: České dráhy

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České dráhy confirmed the signing of a framework contract for the supply of 60 units with the associations Škoda Transportation and Škoda Vagonka. The estimated price of the contract is 9.7 billion kroons. Dual-system trains will have a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

During operation, it will be possible to combine up to 3 units into one train, which will be controlled by one driver, with a capacity of about 720 seats. The first electric train should be delivered by the end of 2022. The trains will also be equipped with the ETCS system.

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New dual-system electric trains from Škoda Vagonka

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