Škoda has nearly tripled the number of employees in Ostrava in three years. At the beginning of 2020, before the investment began, the Škoda Group’s production plants in Ostrava employed about 550 people. Within two years, the number of employees increased to the current 1,400 people. This was reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to zdopravy.


The significant expansion of production capacity at the Škoda Group plant will also bring new jobs. The rolling stock manufacturer announced that it is currently looking for about 500 employees for various positions. In particular, there is interest in electricians, fitters, quality controllers and electronic equipment mechanics.

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The plant in Ostrava includes, for example, the largest portal machining center, which was built as part of a capacity expansion project. Another major investment was the construction of a new paint shop. Two new assembly lines are currently under construction. When the latest investment is completed, the annual production capacity will be up to 300 rough and up to 200 fully assembled and tested machines. Prior to the investment, the production capacity was about 50 units. The new paint shop will be able to paint 120 bodies per year, up from the previous 40.

Another important investment in the Ostrava region is the creation of a central warehouse, which will contribute to the development of the overall logistics from the receipt of materials and their storage, preparation of materials according to the needs of production up to the actual shipment of materials to production.

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