Shinkansen resumed work after the earthquake

Eleven days after being stopped by a powerful earthquake that struck the Tohoku region, Shinkansen bullet trains resumed between Tokyo and northeastern Japan, reports Railway Supply magazine citing Kyodo News.

Shinkansen resumed work after the earthquake

Traffic on the Tohoku Shinkansen Bulo line has been discontinued following damage to overhead catenaries and bridges following a 7.3 magnitude earthquake on 13th of February.

The journey from Tokyo to Sendai Station or Morioka Station in northeastern Japan will take about an hour longer than usual, because trains have to slow down on newly refurbished sections of track.

According to Kyodo News, long queues lined up at the ticket offices from 5:00 am of those wishing to get on the first train after the earthquake.

The natural disaster on February 13 in 10 prefectures of northeast and east Japan affected more than 180 people. 2.6 thousand houses were damaged in the prefectures of Fukushima, Miyagi and Yamagata.


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