The main carrier of the aggressor, Russian Railways, is redirecting cargo flows from west to east, because of the imposed sanctions. However, it cannot cope with the growing volumes and is forced to introduce conventions.

Russian Railways

This is reported by the railway railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Interfax.

Until May 7, shipments are limited: to China through the Zabaikalsk-Manchuria border crossing, to the Biysk station of the West Siberian Railway and to the Grodekovo-export station of the Far Eastern Railway.

Until May 8, there are restrictions on shipment to Kazakhstan at Beineu-Rezezd 1 and at the Rybnoye station of the Moscow Railway.

In addition, shipping to the Novorossiysk station of the North Caucasus Railway is limited until May 10, and to the address of the Sheksna station of the Northern Railway until May 13.

From May 1 to May 15, Russian Railways introduced restrictions on shipments to Abkhazia.

Also, from April 30, there are restrictions on the Rybniki station of the Far Eastern Railway.

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