As a result of sanctions, logistics operators in Russia are forced to send innovative freight cars to layover.

Innovative wagons

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to the Kommersant publication.

“Operators are forced to send innovative railcars (on the Russian Railways network there are more than 15% of the total fleet – ed.) to layover. This increases the amount of fleet needed to transport cargo to the east, which, given the bottlenecks at the Eastern range, which already suffers from a shortage of capacity, slows down traffic even more. As a result, the image of Russia as a reliable supplier of coal and other products to the eastern markets, on which the country is placing special emphasis today, is under attack.

Meanwhile, according to Sergey Popov, director for the repair and operation of the rolling stock of the NTK group, the shortage of bearings will grow.

“The greatest need for cassette bearings will come in 2023, when the market will have to repair about 30 000 innovative railcars. Then we will need about 240 000 bearings (8 pieces per car),” he says.
Relative to the current year, 15-17 thousand cars will have to be sent for repair with the replacement of bearings, plus it is planned to produce about 40 thousand innovative cars. According to Sergei Popov, “Russian factories of foreign owners will be able to cover a maximum of 50-60% of these needs.”

The publication also reports that at the level of “Roszheldor” was discussed extending the service life of the bearing, but the discussion stalled due to the question of who will be responsible for this.

Russian companies are now looking for replacement parts from manufacturers from the EU and the US in China.

“There are seven factories in China, five of which are with American capital. Another plant operates in India. However, in Russia there is a protective duty of 47% on the import of bearings from other countries for six months, ”the newspaper writes.

As previously reported, after the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, all the leading manufacturers of cassette bearings left the Russian market: Amsted Rail and Timken (both from the USA), as well as SKF (Sweden).

However, regarding the latter, it is not known whether the company’s plant in Tver will continue to operate. According to Kommersant, the enterprise seems to be planned to be transferred to the management of the Russian company SKF LLC.

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