Railway Ballast Tampers – Ballast Removal, Tamping & Track Maintenance

The Dymax Rail Ballast Tamper was originally developed for ballast renewal programs and used for tamping around switches, turnouts, crossings and sections of fouled ballast recently undercut by the Dymax Rail Ballast Blaster. Dymax Rail Ballast Tampers are ideal for using in place of pup tampers. They are highly efficient for all tamping operations needing quick and dependable performance.

Railway Ballast Tampers

Integrated 360° Rotation Systems or To-Fit Tilt Rotators

All Ballast Tampers for backhoe loaders and excavators feature integrated 360° rotation systems. Tampers are also available for popular tilt rotator coupler systems.

Carbide Coated Tamping Tines

All Ballast Tampers feature RokGäard™ carbide coated tamping tines to provide years of productive use and service. Our carbide process does not chip like competing products, meaning a longer life for your tamper.

Convenient Storage Stand

Ballast Tampers are shipped with storage stands. Customized stands are available at an additional charge.

Engineering Excellence

Dymax Rail Ballast Tampers can triple production on the line, and are proven to allow gangs to cover more length of track per day with significantly fewer injuries. These tampers feature custom, specially engineered valve technology to provide longer lasting performance with construction machinery. All models feature flow dividers that carry the right amount of oil flow to each tamping motor. The single-motor and two-motor tampers feature a built-in flow control valve, while the four-motor tamper requires the excavator to be equipped with a programmable controller for setting the desired oil flow and pressure.

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