Railcars for the Polish Armed Forces, made by FPS H. Cegielski, were sent to the Czech Republic for acceptance tests.

Railcars for the Armed Forces

The railcars have to be allowed for operation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.

The Ministry of National Defense of Poland commissioned PKP Intercity to purchase 8 special railcars, the production of which was taken over by H. Cegielski Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych from Poznań.

The manufacturer produced eight railcars. Six of them were common for transporting soldiers and two compartment wagons for transporting convoys. The acceptance of railcars was completed in 2021.

All second-class railcars are designed for a speed of 160 km/h. They will not be allowed to carry passengers – the reason is their special adaptation. The presentation of the railcars at the Trako fair was perhaps the only opportunity to see how the railcars look from the inside.

Among other things, the railcars include weapon racks, backpack racks, rest rooms, sleeping quarters, a commander’s compartment, a toilet with a shower.

The contract worth PLN 106.4 million also stipulated that the railcars would be approved in the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Therefore, according to VUZ (the Czech analogue of the Railway Institute), on April 13, two FPS military wagons were delivered to the Czech Republic.

The railcars went to the test site in Velim, where they will undergo the first tests, which will allow them to receive approval for the Czech Republic.

NATO member countries are interested in wagons

The railcars for the Polish Armed Forces were officially presented for the first time at the TRAKO exhibition, which took place in September 2021.

After the exhibition, Maciej Malecki, Secretary of State at the Ministry of State Assets, said that several NATO member countries had expressed their interest in such a military railway fleet.

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