On January 8, another battery shunting locomotive produced by Express Service went to its customer, reports Railway Supply  magazin referring to the company’s Facebook page.

battery shunting locomotive

The private rail operator Port Rail purchased it for shunting operations at the Aurubis-Bulgaria plant in Pirdop, a subsidiary of the Aurubis group of companies, the world’s largest copper recycler.

According to the manufacturer, this is especially important for them. Another rail operator will use a remote-controlled, clean and economical shunting locomotive.

There is no alternative to efficiency, environmental friendliness and modernity! Everyone who is connected with rail transport will understand this sooner or later!

Battery traction offers very economic, clean and safe shunting. ES3000 battery-electric shunter

That’s why Express Service developed several series of battery-powered rail locomotives.

Battery shunters have extremely low operation costs and are virtually maintenance free.

They have numerous advantages over the diesel locos.

Battery shunting locomotives are the best-selling products of Express Service.

Through cooperation with its main customer – Hegenscheidt MFD from Germany – Bulgarian shunters are exported to many different locations in the whole world.

Of course, all shunters are safety integrated with UWL machines of Hegenscheidt.

Apart from wheel lathes applications these shunters are mainly used in locomotive and wagon repair depots and workshops, rolling stock factories, industrial plants, ports, logistic terminals.

Due to the relatively low design speed, ES vehicles offer great starting tractive effort.

Thus, it is not a surprise that shunting capacity of the different models is up to 4000 tons.

ES3000 and road/rail shunters

Based on the success of ES200, 400, 600, and 1000 series, Express Service has designed several types of special battery vehicles.

A three-axle light shunter, extra heavy battery shunter, work vehicle with crane and platform – all these are based on the proven design of ES shunters.

At its heavy-duty version ES3000 could weight up to 50 tons and shunt up to 4000 tons train at low service speeds.


Express Service battery-electric shunters

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