The Ministry of Infrastructure plans to complete the process of transferring the property complex of the sea trade port of Kherson to the concessionaire by the end of this year. In parallel with the finalization of the concession process, the Ministry of Infrastructure is preparing proposals to optimize concession legislation.

Port of Kherson is planned to be transferred to the concession by the end of the year

This will allow avoiding problematic situations with the process of transferring objects to concessionaires in the future, reports Railway Supply magazine.

In September 2019, the government announced the start of tenders for pilot concession projects in the port industry. A contract will be signed with each of the winners. The parties of this contract would be the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Administration of the Seaports of Ukraine, the winner of the competition and the enterprise that will be created as the winner of the competition in Ukraine in order to implement the project .

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For the port of Olvia the concession is granted for 35 years, for the Kherson port – for 30 years. The agreement on the transfer of the port of Kherson to the concession was signed on June 26, 2020.

According to the agreed terms, the concessionaire – “Risoil – Kherson” – had to invest UAH 300 million in the facility and another 18 million in the local infrastructure. Recently it became known that one of the investors of the Rissoil-Kherson company, Dzhemal Inaishvili, left the project of the Kherson seaport concession.

He explained his decision by non-transparent conditions and a delay in the process of transferring the object. Inaishvili stressed that the procedure was delayed for almost a year and a half.

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In August of this year, co-owner of Risoil Shota Khadzhivili left the concession project. The businessman argued his decision with non-transparent working conditions in the sea of ​​the port “Kherson”.

It should be reminded that in the port of Yuzhny the result of handling open wagons increased by 37%.

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