Pol-Miedź Trans sells 46 railway wagons

Pol-Miedź Trans has put 46 railroad cars up for sale. All of these cars do not have valid certificates and have been taken out of service, as railway magazine «Railway Supply» reports citing Nakolei.pl

railway wagons
Picture: Pol-Miedź Trans

International Industrial Forum

  • 35 wagons of 409Va series, starting price PLN 25,000.
  • 2 wagons of 204V series and 5 wagons of 17W series, starting price is PLN 12,000.
  • 2 wagons of 204V series, starting price for 1 carriage is PLN 7,000.
  • One wagon of 401Zb series with a starting price of PLN 11,000.

Proposals for their purchase can be submitted until the 2nd of November 2020. The only bidding criterion is a price.

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