Plasser & Theurer launches silent rail grinding machine

The Austrian company Plasser & Theurer has released the ATMO (Automatic Track Machine Oscillator) rail sander for public transport and trams. The device has a low noise level during operation, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to the manufacturer’s information.

Plasser & Theurer launches silent rail grinding machine

The machine allows for conventional surface treatment of rails using grinding stones in combination with vibration grinding. The hydraulic mechanism provides horizontal movement of the grinding stones along the rails with variable frequency. Due to the reciprocating movement of the working body when following the machine at a speed of up to 8 km/h, grinding is provided in one pass.

Vibration grinding is recommended for areas prone to the development of rail defects, for example, adjacent to stopping points.

The prototype of the machine is equipped with a 100 kW water-cooled diesel engine, improved sound insulation and an additional exhaust gas cleaning system.

The creation of the new machine is the result of cooperation between industrial companies, universities and infrastructure operators under the Shift2Rail program.


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