HSG-City. Rail grinding with operating speed up to 60 km/h

HSG-city can work in forward and reverse direction, compatible with different types of traction and pushing devices. It is possible to use both rail and road rolling stock. Rail grinding.

Rail grinding
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  • Grinding stones: 24
  • Operating speed: 25-60 km/h
  • Continuous grinding: 30 km
  • Material removal: up to 0.01 mm per pass
  • Roughness of rails: Ra <10 μm
  • Digital logging of the grinding process
  • Remote control HSG from a locomotive
  • Required pull / push force from 170 kW
  • Coupling of several grinders is possible

Scheduled use of HSG city: save time, money and reduce noise!

Urban rail transport must function flawlessly, as stops are costly. In addition, air pollution in cities creates an oil film faster on rails. Prevention plays an important role here too. For preventive grinding of local railways, Vossloh Rail Services specialists have developed a special HSG-city train that runs neatly, cleanly and quietly at a speed of up to 60 km/h.

Regular rail grinding prevents premature wear and repair. The prevention of corrugation and fatigue of roller contacts is carried out, as well as noise during movement is reduced. The HSG-city is well insulated and equipped with powerful dust extractors to prevent dust and sparks. Additional cleaning of the track and tunnels is not necessary in this case. Due to the high operating speed, there is no need to block the road section.

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