Polish energy supply company PKP Energetyka has announced a tender for the supply of hydrogen storage system components.

Hydrogen storage system
PKP Energetyka

The tender was launched as part of a project to create technologies to reduce dynamic loads on traction substations with the help of high-capacity energy storage facilities, reports Railway Supply magazine with reference to PKP Energetyka.

The concept of the solution was developed by PKP Energetyka specialists together with scientists from Zelenogorsk University. According to the tender documents for the production of hydrogen by electrolysis, it is planned to use electricity produced by a solar power plant, which is being built on the site of a traction substation in the town of Harbcze, located 50 km from Wroclaw (Poland).

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The tasks of the new complex include the production, storage and sale of hydrogen. The hydrogen accumulated in the cylinders will be used in particular for refueling rolling stock with fuel cell power plants.

PKP Energetyka participates in agreements of various levels aimed at implementing the national hydrogen economy program, including the creation of the Lower Silesian Hydrogen Valley in Poland.

At the same time, the company is creating a power storage system in Garbcha based on lithium-ion batteries.

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