PESA and Stolichen Electrotransport EAD, the tram operator in the Bulgarian capital, have signed a contract for the supply of 25 Swing trams.

Pesa to supply 25 Swing trams to Sofia

Due to the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 situation in Bulgaria, the parties decided to sign the contract by mail, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Nakolei Pl.

Today the last signatures were put on the documents, and the fourth contract of the Polish company in the Bulgarian capital became a fact.

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The contract provides for the supply of 25 trams with technical parameters similar to those previously delivered to Sofia. These will be low-floor five-segment trams with a length of 30 m, 41 seats and 160 standing places. The contract value is PLN 185 million.

The tender was finalized in July 2020, but subsequent appeals from Pesa competitors led to an extension of the proceedings.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland entered into a dialogue with the Bulgarian side, negotiations were conducted, in particular, by Deputy Minister Pavel Jablonski and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Sofia.

To date, PESA has delivered 37 trams to Sofia under 3 contracts. After the completion of the contract signed today, 62 modern trams, produced at the Bydgoszcz-based plant, will operate in the Bulgarian capital.

In total, PESA has produced and delivered more than 800 trams to carriers in Poland and Europe. They carry passengers in most Polish cities, as well as in Moscow, Kyiv and other cities.

PESA is also involved in the delivery of a total of 40 trams to Bratislava, 49 trams to four Romanian cities and has been prequalified in tenders in Hanover and Tallinn.

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