City transport operator DP Ostrava (Czech Republic) has begun dynamic tests of the first of 35 Škoda Transportation ForCity Smart 39T trams.

Škoda Transportation

The official transfer is scheduled for early next year, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Škoda Transportation.

The contract for the supply of 35 trams was signed at InnoTrans 2018 and the operator has an option for five more trams.

Kaliningrad re-announced a tender for the lease of 16 narrow-gauge two-section low-floor trams

The first six trams will come from the Škoda Transportation plant in Plzen, while the rest will be assembled on site at the former Ekova Electric tram and bus maintenance site, which Škoda Transportation acquired from DP Ostrava in 2020.

The two-section trams with a speed of 80 km/h are 26.6 m long, weigh just over 36 tons and can accommodate 60 seated and 140 standing passengers. They are equipped with air conditioning, video surveillance, Wi-Fi and USB sockets.

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