Passenger service City Express needs 10 billion UAH

For the implementation of recently announced by the President of Ukraine, Minister of Infrastructure and top management of UZ project of high-speed commuter trains in the largest metropolitan areas of the country – City Express – 10 billion UAH (300 million euros) are required. This amount was announced by the head of “Passenger Company” branch of Ukrzaliznytsia Pertsovsky, reports Railway Supply magazine referring to “LIGA. Business“.

Passenger service City Express needs 10 billion UAH
Александр Перцовский (коллаж – Алина Подлесная/

Pertsovsky noted that the indicative amount consists mainly of expenditure on rolling stock, infrastructure repair and renovation of stations. He also added that the company expects to implement the project with co-financing from local authorities.

“The most realistic scenario is the modernization of existing rolling stock. Its costs about 50-60 million UAH to restore one train. It is the overhaul of an ordinary electric train which makes it more comfortable: temperature control, new toilets, lighting, comfortable seats, etc., – he said. – If we are talking about the City Express in Kyiv, it is about nine trains – 450-500 million UAH. ”

“It is needed 9-11 million euros for the purchase of one train. In order to establish a qualitative connection you need about 20 more trains. We planned to get them through modernization plus 20 new, so we still have about 200 million euros. And here the question of when and how it will be financed”, – said the director of “Passenger Company”.

He also added that infrastructure requires significant investment too.

“There are about 50 stations involved in Kyiv project. If we assume 50 million UAH on average modernization, creating a barrier-free environment, it will cost about 2.5 billion UAH. The third component – the infrastructure for rolling stock. It means that we need to construcy more depots which would cost us 2-3 billion UAH each. In urban traffic people expects that train will arrive every 10-15 minutes, nobody cares about the schedules. In order to do that we need to modernize the signaling infrastructure, as well as reach the target ranges of motion and speed. I do not want to rush the figures, but it can also be hundreds of millions or billions. It is necessary to do a detailed feasibility study, “- he said.


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