Overhaul of railway tracks started in Kazakhstan

Since the beginning of March 2021, the network of JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Temir Zholy “has started repair and maintenance works. The modernization of the railway track began as the soil thawed from the southwestern region, in the Mangistau branch of the main network. As it warms, they will continue in the central, western, eastern and northern regions of the country. In total, it is planned to overhaul over 580 km of railway tracks this year reports Railway Supply mgazine with reference to SK News.

Overhaul of railway tracks
Picture: sknews.kz

In particular, overhaul of the tracks will be carried out at the following sections: Petropavlovsk – Shu, Astana – Tobol – Kostanay, Lisakovsk – Arystansor, Beskol – Zhezkazgan – Aksaraiskaya, Matai – Zhana Semey – Pavlodar, Shu – Saksaulskaya – Mangystau, Iletsk-1 – Uralsk.

Track maintenance equipment

During the execution of the work, track machines, motor platforms, platforms for the transportation of rail and sleepers, electric balasters, line-lining machines, hopper-metering rotors and other equipment will be used.

Overhaul will improve the technical condition of the track superstructure, as well as increase the speed of passenger trains up to 140 km/h, freight trains – up to 90 km/h.

In 2020, the railway workers of Kazakhstan overhauled 416 km of track.


Track maintenance tools: Hydraulic track jack DK-10