Odessa railway workers have planned repairs at 8 objects

The track service of the regional branch “Odessa Railway” of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” continues to prepare the infrastructure for the spring-summer transportation of 2021. At present, the service specialists are planning repairs at 8 railway infrastructure facilities, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to the press center of the regional branch of the Odessa Railway.

Picture: http://odz.gov.ua/

From the end of March to July 1, 2021, Odessa railway workers will reconstruct 34.4 km of track in the directions Mironovka – Pyatikhatki, Vapnyarka – Odessa and Pomoshnaya – Odessa. The work will be carried out on the tracks Fundukleevka – Tsybulevo, Berezovka – Rauhovka, Kavuny – Post 1090 km, Voznesensk – Post 1141 km and along Zatishie station.

Also, at the end of March, it is planned to reconstruct the stations with the replacement of 50 turnouts at Tsybulevo and Zatishye stations.

According to the press center of Ukrzaliznytsia, within the winter preparation for the repair work the divisions of the Center for Track Construction and Repair collected 76 km of a new rail and sleep grid for the reconstruction of the track and repaired almost 32 km of an old-fashioned four-track grid. Also, 205 sets of new turnouts were assembled and 43 sets of old turnouts were repaired.

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Capital repair and track works are scheduled to begin in April.

It is assumed that this year the track works will be carried out on directions with heavy traffic, in particular, Darnitsa – Grebenka, Kiev – Fastov – Zhmerynka – Vapnyarka – Odessa, Znamenka – Odessa, Mironovka – Pyatikhatki – Chaplino, Kazatin – Shepetovka – Zdolbunov, Krivoy Horn-Glavny – Kamysh-Zarya – Volnovakha – Mariupol, Lviv – Stryi – Chop.


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