Moscow Metro has reduced the age of its train fleet

The Moscow Metro has reduced the average age of the train fleet from 22.5 years in 2010 to 15 years today. This year, the company expects to receive 337 new cars “Moscow – 2020” (44 trains), which will run on lines 6, 5, the Circle Line and on the 11th, which is the Big Circle Line. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply citing Railway Pro.

Moscow Metro

Urban vehicles are purchased under life cycle contracts, under which the manufacturer is responsible for both supply and maintenance for 30 years. This model not only improved the quality of service, but also saved about 15% of costs. Since 2014, the Moscow Metro has saved 4.5 billion rubles (50 million euros) through life cycle contracts.

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New trains “Moscow – 2020” were commissioned in October 2020. They have wider walkways and doors (1.6 m), multilingual interactive route planners. They also have 368 USB ports, up from 72 in earlier models, with 15% less noise.

In addition, the city is purchasing new trains for central diameter lines. In 2021, it is planned to purchase 200 new Ivolga cars. By the end of this year, it is planned to open seven new stations of the MDL network.


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