The locomotive of the TGM-4 series is well known to the rolling stock fleet owners. And, just like TEM-2, it belongs to the category of “working” locomotives that have reached the point of physical wear and tear. Neither the technological, nor the functional, nor the aesthetic aspects of old locomotives of this type do not meet the requirements of the modern customer. That is why LTG Tech offered the market a project to modernize TGM-4 and TEM2.

Modernization of diesel locomotive TGM4

The technical and economic effect after the modernization of TGM-4:

  • The characteristics of the modernized locomotive fully comply with modern technical, power, economic, and environmental requirements; engine emission class CT27, CT32 – Euro 4 + / 5.
  • The reliability of the operation of the locomotive, power plant and auxiliary equipment is increased.
  • The trouble-free operation of the engine is guaranteed for 10-15 years before the first overhaul. The service life of the locomotive is increased to 12 years.
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance and repair costs;
  • Fuel consumption is reduced up to 25% of oil consumption – up to 60-70%;
  • The control and information support of the operation, maintenance and repair of the locomotive is improved due to the installation of a new microprocessor control and diagnostic system.
  • The working conditions of the locomotive crews are significantly improved, and the option of the possibility of controlling the locomotive by one person is also being implemented.
Modernization of diesel locomotive TGM4
Modernization of diesel locomotive TGM4

Thus, it becomes possible to introduce into the park a capitally repaired locomotive with installed modern equipment and a new economical diesel engine for only 70% of the cost of a new diesel locomotive. The locomotive modernization project is being carried out entirely by LTG Tech for 3 months.

Modernization of diesel locomotive TEM2

The modernization of TEM2 is unique in that with an investment of 60% of the cost of a new diesel locomotive. It becomes possible to continue using the same well-proven TEM2 on the market, but with already installed modern equipment and a new economical diesel engine.

When updating an old locomotive, its frame is modified. It make possible to install new components and assemblies. The locomotive is equipped with a new Caterpillar C32 diesel engine, EMIT main and auxiliary generators, and a new Airpol SK30 compressor. All mechanical drives are replaced with electrical ones. A remote fuel metering system is introduced. Control circuit cables and power cables are replaced and video surveillance cameras for the area around the locomotive are installed.

LTG Tech radically modernized the TEM2 UM-1000 locomotive
LTG Tech radically modernized the TEM2 UM-1000 locomotive

The driver’s cab of TEM2 is also updated: multifunctional screens for locomotive control on the control panel, a special chair certified for the work of railway operators, an autonomous heating and air conditioning system, and household appliances are installed. In order to prevent COVID-19, an ultraviolet lamp is installed in the cabin for surface disinfection.

LTG Tech is the new name of one of the largest locomotive repair depots – VLRD (Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot). As a result of joining LTG Cargo (a group of Lithuanian Railways), VLRD (now – LTG Tech) continues to implement ambitious projects for the modernization of rolling stock!

LTG Tech  (Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot) provides:

  • TGM4, 2M62, M62, CME-3M, ТЕМ2 locomotives modernization
  • light and heavy overhaul of tractive electrical engines and generators (ED118, TE006, TD802, GP300, GP312)
  • maintenance service and overhaul of PD1M, 1PD4A, 6CN21/21, D49, К6S310DR engines
  • repair of fuel equipment, compressors and reduction gears
  • repair and maintenance of speed recorders, manometers and electrical equipment
  • design, production, processing and welding of metal constructions
  • spare parts for M62, TEM2, CME3 locomotives
  • axles ultrasonic examination

LTG Tech

Contact for cooperation:
Arūnas Petkevicius
+370 698 77902

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First video review of modernized locomotive TEM2 UM-100 made by LTG Tech (Video)

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