LTG Cargo will renew its wagon fleet: it will carry more grain and intermodal cargo

Railway freight company LTG Cargo is preparing to renew its wagon fleet. On Thursday, May 20, the company announced international government procurement of grain carriers and flat wagons, and plans to purchase up to 728 wagons.

LTG Cargo will renew its wagon fleet: it will carry more grain and intermodal cargo
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The renewal of the wagon fleet is part of LTG Cargo’s long-term strategy to strengthen the company’s competitiveness, increase cargo volumes and further diversify freight traffic, informs railway magazine Railway Supply , citing LTG Cargo.

“We strive to further strengthen the company’s competitiveness, diversify cargo traffic and thereby reduce external risks for our business. To this end, we are expanding our activities in international markets, developing new services and by purchasing new wagons, we strive to increase the volume of cargo and offer even more customers “green” cargo transportation, ”said Egidijus Lazauskas, CEO of LTG Cargo.

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LTG Cargo intends to purchase up to 500 grain carriers and 228 flat wagons for transporting containers, which will be used on the railway network with a width of 1520 mm.

According to LTG Cargo, the Lithuanian grain market grew by 30% last year and reached a harvest of 7 million tons – demand for grain in the Baltic states is forecast to continue to grow. The company will also expand its intermodal transport activities – by 2030.


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