LokoTech-Signal presented a comprehensive solution for automating the management of shunting operations at large railway stations and industrial transport. They used own developments in the field of machine vision and systems of AVP Technology and Transtelesoft companies.

"LokoTech-Signal": "Automashinist" system based on machine vision
“LokoTech-Signal”: “Automashinist” system based on machine vision

The system is designed to automate shunting operations and includes three components. The first component is responsible for detecting and classifying objects and obstacles, determining the distance to them, recognizing traffic light readings and the position of turnouts, as well as the exact positioning of the traction unit, informs Railway Supply magazine.

The efficiency of the system was confirmed during tests. The detection range of obstacles is not less than 100 m, errors in determining the location and speed – respectively not more than 1 m and 1 km / h (in shunting mode).

The second component is the automatic train operation system, the third component is the onboard safety system.


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